Characteristics of Oxandrolone

  • The anabolic activity of Oxandrolone is 400% that of testosterone.
  • The androgenic activity of the drug is only 25% of that of testosterone.
  • Oxandrolone does not aromatize in the body.
  • It is characterized by low liver toxicity.
  • Oxandrolone is taken orally, in the form of tablets.
  • The duration of action of Oxandrolone is 8-12 hours.
  • Detection of the drug in the body is possible within 45 days after administration.

The anabolic steroid Oxandrolone first appeared in 1964 under the brand name Anavar, and was later released by Searl. For more than twenty years, the drug has been very popular and widely used. But in 1986, the production of Anavar was stopped. Today you can buy Oxandrolone under other brand names, such as: Anatrofill, Vasorome, Oksandrin. Today you can order Oxandrolone by mail in an online store – buy steroids by mail. This is perhaps the easiest and most affordable way to get the desired drug.


Oxandrolone is a synthetic steroid. Its ring A is a heterocycle whose second atom is replaced by an oxygen atom.

Oxandrolone gained its popularity due to its high anabolic rate and, at the same time, a very low level of androgenic activity.

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Another reason for this popularity of oxandrolone was that the drug causes very weak masculinization phenomena. Although there is an opinion that he does not cause it at all. It is thanks to this quality that athletes prefer Oxandrolone (at a dose of 10-15 mg/day, Oxandrolone does not cause outward manifestations of masculinity).

Of course, bodybuilders and weightlifters are very fond of Oxandrolone. The drug causes a good increase in strength. This occurs as a result of the excitation of creatine phosphate synthesis in the muscle cell, and the fluid in the body does not accumulate. Fortunately, oxandrolone iron lovers, the price is quite affordable. Although not everyone can afford it. Therefore, the price of Oxandrolone is around $100.

Oxandrolone: ​​effects of use.

Oxandrolone’s most valuable property is its ability to increase muscle relief and hardness.

Oxandrolone’s ability to burn fat, increase growth hormone levels and dramatically increase strength is also highly regarded.

Most of the time, Oxandrolone is used specifically to gain muscle mass. At the same time, this steroid is best suited for athletes who already have sufficient muscle mass and no excess body fat. For such athletes, Oxandrolone will help build muscle and also reduce the subcutaneous fat layer.

Oxandrolone: ​​side effects.

If you take oxandrolone in reasonable doses, the appearance of side effects is very unlikely. At high doses of the drug, the following side effects may occur:

  • decrease in the production of gonadotropins,
  • testicular atrophy,
  • decreased libido,
  • slow erection,
  • loss of appetite,
  • Stomach ache,
  • nausea,
  • Headache,
  • Increased blood pressure.
    Oxandrolone is among the safest steroids as its side effects are extremely rare.

Oxandrolone: reviews.

Oxandrolone is a real favorite of athletes. Many positive reviews testify to this. Oxandrolone tablets are the embodiment of the wishes and hopes of athletes.

Oxandrolone – an approximate course.

The “alone” Oxandrolone course is excellent for improving muscle relief. The recommended duration of the course is 6-8 weeks. It is recommended to start a course of Oxandrolone at a rate of 20 mg/day (in two divided doses). After a week, the dose of Oxandrolone can be increased to 40 or even 80 mg/day (in three divided doses). If no side effects occur during the course, its recommended duration is 5-6 weeks.

To restore your own testosterone production, start taking tamoxifen 10mg/day two days after the end of the Oxandrolone course. for 1-2 weeks. Of course, in order to achieve the best result from the course, you need to follow a special diet and include proper sports nutrition in your diet.

Oxandrolone: combined course.

The course of Oxandrolone often includes highly androgenic drugs. This is done to avoid certain side effects (for example, slow erection, decreased libido, and to protect the liver from drug toxicity). These highly androgenic drugs include:

  • testosterone,
  • Sustanon
  • Primobobolan.

Oxandrolone course.

Good results can be obtained if Clenbuterol is taken together with Oxandrolone at 120-140 mcg/day.
By itself, Oxandrolone cannot significantly build muscle. However, in combination with other drugs, it has a fortifying effect on many steroids. So, for example, Oxandrolone goes well with Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin and various testosterone variants. In such combinations, Oxandrolone gives strength, and the second steroid gives mass. So, if we talk about dosage, then you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Deca-Durabolin 200 mg/week,
  • Testosterone enanthate 500 mg/week,
  • Oxandrolone 25 mg/week.

This combination allows most athletes to achieve a good increase in strength and mass. Deca-Durabolin has an anabolic effect, it also stimulates protein synthesis. Under the action of Testosterone, aggressiveness increases and regeneration is accelerated, and under the action of Oxandrolone, strength increases.

If you decide to take a combination course of oxandrolone, follow these rules:

  • in combined treatment, the dose of Oxandrolone should not exceed 40 mg/day,
  • The maximum result from the combined course will be obtained in combination with a sports nutrition complex and a special diet.

As a result of the combined course, you will not only get the desired relief, but also increase muscle mass.

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